Meet the team of Officer Kristopher Hopper and K9 Mao. This team is part of the Wilmington Police Department of Illinois. K9 Mao is a 21 month old German Shorthaired Pointer who is certified in narcotics detection and tracking. Mao likes chasing his ball, going for walks and being petted while he is not on the job. Welcome to the K9DF family, you two! We have a Buddy Bag coming your way and as always, we pray it never needs to be used.

K9 Mao is already earning his milkbones!  
Ofc. Hopper and K9 Mao were called to assist another police agency and check a vehicle suspected of containing illegal drugs. K9 Mao made a positive indication, and officers recovered a combination of different types of drugs and paraphernalia. Great job K9 Mao…and thanks for driving him there Ofc. Hopper (just kidding!). Nice work to the new team.