Be careful![6:15 PM CST 1/25/2021] Steadier snowfall rates of moderate to briefly heavy intensity are developing across northern Illinois, especially north of I-80. Road conditions are deteriorating quickly in north central Illinois and that will spread into northeast Illinois. South of the magenta-shaded line will be more of a mix of precipitation type. If you need to travel, expect varying conditions including sharply reduced visibility and hazardous roads. For the latest road conditions, visit.... Illinois: Indiana: ... See MoreSee Less

Be careful!

Will County Health DepartmentFor more information about COVID-19 and additional testing locations in Illinois visit ... See MoreSee Less

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)#COVID19 & flu are both contagious respiratory illnesses that can have similar symptoms, but they are caused by different viruses. Use this chart to learn some of the similarities and differences. ... See MoreSee Less

WPD Full Staff Photo 2020
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