We have received information that an individual is posting on Facebook to organize a peaceful protest against racism for 11:00 am tomorrow in the area of E. Baltimore St & S. Washington St.

This person has asked (in the social media invitation that was posted) that those who gather remain peaceful and respectful. Similar protests occurred today in Plainfield and Oswego and there were no problems.

We will monitor the situation and respond as necessary should any violations of ordinances or statutes occur.
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Plainfield resident. Protests here were awesome. 👍🏻👍🏻 Large group of young people with well written signs showing support for Black Lives Matter Movement. They stayed off the streets, just held signs and waved to passing motorists who honked and waved and gave thumbs up in support.

There is nothing wrong with holding a peaceful protest. What’s ridiculous are the riots and looting.

Protesting peacefully is not ridiculous. Being destructive, looting, breaking the law is ridiculous and defeats the purpose of protesting. No one should lose a life for any reason. Standing up with a peaceful voice will do more good than retaliation. We all know of the history of groups being oppressed and murdered unjustly. We should all be able to stand together and work together to end injustices across the country.

Protests like this represent democracy at work. Racism isn't a problem that just goes away if we keep quiet about it. Gathering safely and speaking up is one small way we can change things. I'm glad to see more positive reactions than foolish ones on this thread. It gives me some hope.

What store are we looting after the protest

Be safe!!! Wilmington

I can’t believe some of the comments I am reading. To believe I live in a town were some people feel the need to say others can’t exercise their rights. As a person of color I will no longer feel safe in the town of Wilmington.

And now there is a person in Joliet planning on being out here with protesters from up there. Who is watching out for us? She has a post on Facebook.

Do they have the city permit?

Don't let what you watch on TV cloud your judgement. There has been protests that remained peaceful and that's the truth. What has happened in the big cities is something else that has had other hands involved in those messes. Anyone should be allowed to have their protest, have there say, bring awareness to a problem that's going on, and then disperse quietly. If you have others rilled up already by what they see on TV, and talking about looting stores, and talks about guns, then it's just a mess to begin with and people have the wrong idea before anything that wasn't gonna happen start to happen. Keep it about awareness of a group of people in our country who is being treated unfairly in our Country by some bad cops and for them to just be treated like anyone else without it being about color.

I hope Wilmington schools learn from this , those schools have racist people and bullies. My niece got bullied in one of those schools and the principal or teachers never did anything about it. 😠

Remember women didn’t have a right to vote before protest or close to equal pay and the rights of the handicap to

Be vigilant. Be ready for them to loot and riot. Do what is necessary to protect yourselves and your property.

They should be arrested. We do not want this in our community.

My fucking mind is just blown rn. The city a Wilmington has no real racism issue but let's protest. Our youth are dying from drugs an yet I dont see anybody wanting to rush for a peaceful protest on that. GET BACK TO WORK FUCKERS. Your bored, stop the stupidity. Be peaceful if that's ur motive tho

If you don't think racism is real and if you don't think it is in our small town, you are living in a fantasy world! Protests create change, and they can be done peacefully and appropriately. #BlackLivesMatter https://patch.com/illinois/joliet/george-floyd-black-lives-matter-rally-joliet-draws-crowd

Thank you

Ethel Neese

Be safe

Greg Kurdenok

Mandy Madrox

Sharon Faber

Brandy Roe

Tyler Scott Bieda

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Wilmington Fire Protection DistrictHow did we miss it?? 😳😳 We would like to wish Wilmington Police Chief Phil Arnold a very happy Belated Birthday!! We hope you had a great birthday!! 🎈🎈🎈🎉🎉🎉 ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you all so much!

Happy Birthday Chief Arnold!🎉

Happy Birthday Chief Arnold!!!!🎂🎂🎈🎈🎁🎁 Thank you for all you do!!!!

Happy Birthday!! 🎈

So nice


Happy Birthday .

Happy Birthday ,Sir

Happy birthday Chief Arnold 💖💖💖

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