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City of Wilmington Police Department

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City of Wilmington Police Department

JULY 1st COVID-19 Update

Despite a spike in COVID-19 cases in other areas of the country, we are doing very well at controlling the spread of the Coronavirus in Wilmington. According to the Will County Health Department (WCHD) we currently have 11 confirmed cases within our corporate limits. WCHD utilizes a 60 day purge cycle (the amount of time before they remove confirmed cases from our list). The current confirmed cases will purge on July 14th, July 18th, July 21st (2 cases), July 26th, and August 8th (6 cases).

Keep up the good work! Wash your hands frequently, sanitize your stuff, practice social distancing, where a mask when appropriate.
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*wear a mask

Thank you for this info. The WCHD county map gives the whole number of victims per zip code for months and now it stands at 31. Where does a resident get your data?

All the spikes are happening in states that have an upcoming republican convention.

It’s wear not where!

60 day?

Tyler Gleim

Steve Galambos

Awesome!! πŸ‘

Thanks for the info

Jim Tranchita Debbie Tranchita

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Rest In Peace K-9 Kody, Plainfield Police Department.We have been contacted by community members inquiring about flowers and other thoughtful items to show support of the recent passing of our K-9 "Kody". Any items of appreciation may be left with the K-9 squad parked outside of the police department. Thank you for your support! ... See MoreSee Less

Rest In Peace K-9 Kody, Plainfield Police Department.


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πŸ’”πŸ’™πŸ™ K-9 Kody

Thank you for your serviceπŸ’–πŸΎπŸ’–

So sorry.


So sorry for your loss

So sorry for your lossπŸ˜” Prayers for his handler and familyπŸ™

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